Its going to be a long two years

Its going to be a long two years

One day in and already lots of news.

Today and yesterday we saw the response from individual European Union nations to the suggestion that both the exit deal and free trade negotiations can be done in parallel. President François Hollande said that he would reject any deal that is done simultaneously. Monsieur Hollande may be talking for now but in May he could be replaced by Marine Le Pen who would want a different deal to the one that Hollande is. Next door to Hollande, in Berlin Angela Merkel has also done the same rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s demands.

On the Today programme Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis had to rebut claims that in her letter the Prime Minister was attempting to blackmail the European Union by threatening to remove crime and security collaboration after Brexit. This upset quite a few remainers who said that security shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip. There was a caveat to Theresa May’s terms though, it was only if there was no deal therefore defaulting to World Trade Organisation terms that such a situation would arise. The diplomatic letter is looking to be turning sour quite quickly.

The major news that was released today was a white paper to consult on the process of taking European Union law back into British law. Dubbed the Great Repeal Bill, it is expected to be a complex process which will involve lots of legislation. Some have claimed that the government would have to use Henry VIII powers in order to regain the powers given to the EU. It might not all go so smoothly, Gina Miller who brought a legal campaign against give Theresa May’s power to trigger Article 50 has threatened to sue again. Remain backing Conservative MPs are rumoured to be joining with Liberal Democrats to frustrate the process.


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