Gibraltar – the rock won’t be budged

Since Friday the Gibraltar story has been rumbling. It is slightly ironic that for all of the protections guaranteed to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland little if no protection was awarded to Gibraltar. The Spanish haven’t made any specific threat but it is the European Union which are giving the government of Spain an effective veto over any Brexit deal which would apply to Gibraltar. Reaction to this was hostile to say the least; Gibraltar’s chief minister Fabien Picardo gave interviews to the Andrew Marr programme, but it was the interview from Lord Howard that gained the largest reaction. In his interview he made comparisons with the current situation in Gibraltar and the Falklands crisis, this led to a series of articles accusing the government of going over the top. There is just one small problem with this, both Spain, and the United Kingdom are Nato members, under treaty terms one member can’t attack another.


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