The Conservatives – greyhounds of Brexit?

The Conservatives – greyhounds of Brexit?

Seven years into austerity, a divided party, and the most turmultous event the country has seen since the end of the Second World War, the government should be on its last legs, but in reality it is prospering. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party should be capitalising on the mistakes that the government has made, NIC contributions, the Dubs refugee amendment, and a crisis in the National Health Service; yet it is floundering on 25% in the opinion polls. Now, instead of being forced to make concessions by the opposition; the government, led in chief by a clique senior ministers, are taking us towards Brexit and what will occur after 29th March 2019.

Theresa May was in effect coroneted as Prime Minister after Andrea Leadsom dropped out of the leadership contest. When she entered Downing Street in order to form the cabinet she made it clear that she would implement the will of the people and lead us towards Brexit. The general public have only been given small nuggets of information about what the United Kingdom will hope to achieve from any Brexit deal, however it won’t be the Prime Minister who leads the negotiations. Instead the process to take us out of the European Union will be headed by David Davis one of the few people in government who has an intimate knowledge of how Brussels works.

Two of the more prominent members of cabinet have at some point in their life had to work within the European bubble. In the latter days of John Major’s government, David Davis was Europe minister which involved working and collaborating with other governments and the complex systems that exists within the European Union. Boris Johnson approached Brussels from a slightly different angle he was often accused when he worked for the Daily Telegraph as Brussels correspondent as merely making up stories to discredit the European Commission. Therefore while one member of the current cabinet helped foster relations with Brussels, the other may have helped tear them apart.

After Britain has left the European Union, trade deals will have to be implemented with other nations as Britain will not have the access to the EU’s trade deals. The reasons for this is that Britain will be leaving the single market, a decision that should have become obvious as soon as Liam Fox’s new Department for International Trade was set up. Now President of the Board of Trade (after a cock up which saw Business Secretary Greg Clarke appointed for four days). Dr Fox will travel around the world fostering new deals with countries from the United States to Kenya and creating a scenario where Britain will be in the queue to sign trade deals after B-Day (Brexit Day).

Two other prominent figures in the cabinet are the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, and Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Both wholeheartedly backed the remain campaign when they were in other cabinet posts and Rudd even appeared in one of the television debates in the run up to the referendum. These two are the figures you would expect to be the ones to be more likely to persuade the cabinet to pursue a softer Brexit yet it seems that they have being overridden by the Prime Minister who is leading us towards what she would call a ‘Red, White, and Blue Brexit’.


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